StabisoDB was created to fulfill the community’s long desire for a relational database to facilitate application of stable isotope data to studies of the Earth system. Growing out of a chapter on oxygen isotope stratigraphy in the Geological Time Scale 2020 (Grossman and Joachimski, 2020), StabisoDB currently comprises δ18O and δ13C data of more than 67.000 macro- and microfossil samples including benthic and planktonic foraminifers, benthic and nektonic mollusks, brachiopods, and fish teeth and conodonts.

Unlike previous compilations on spreadsheets, StabisoDB provides a large array of metadata, such as coordinates and paleocoordinates, stratigraphy, taxonomy, preservation, and analytical metadata. These metadata allow easy searches and the filtering of data for analyses. Analyses and visualizations, for example of isotopic trends through time and space, can be performed online including with mobile devices. Data can also be downloaded for further processing.